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Ambition & Amour - A collection of 72 poems & original artwork by Tara Sibel Demren

Ambition and Amour is a collection of 72 poems and original art about the never-ending internal conflict of someone who wants the world, yet faces it with a fragile heart. In five parts, Ambition and Amour shines light on what “never touching anything with half your heart” looks like. How reaching for the stars can be beautifully liberating, yet challenging in the consequences. The real reward is in accepting the cost of living and loving fully, and choosing it anyways.



Tara Sibel Demren is an entrepreneur, artist, and author. She was born in Paris, France, grew up in Miami, Florida, and her family is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. She has been a “conflicted artist with an entrepreneurial spirit” since she was 7 years old. She would design and sew little stuffed dolls then would sell them to her classmates.


She picked up writing poetry when she was 12 years old as a separate and more direct form of expressing the conflicts her overthinking head and over-romanticizing heart would be cluttered with. Even when she went on to start her own tech startup or lead another startup to get acquired by a Fortune 500, she would use her passion for writing to balance out the intensity of her work and ambition.


Tara is currently 24 years old and is living between Miami and Istanbul invited as a keynote speaker for her inspirational entrepreneurial story and artistic journey. As she pursues her entrepreneurial endeavors, she is actively working on her next book on the side. Access exclusive material at or get in touch on social media @TaraSibelArt.


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