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"Never touch anything with half your heart."



Tara Sibel Demren embodies a blend of creativity and entrepreneurship. Raised in Miami after being born in Paris to parents from Istanbul and New York City, Tara fell in love with art, philosophy, and design early on. She has been a “conflicted artist with an entrepreneurial spirit” since she was 7 years old, designing and sewing little stuffed dolls to sell them to classmates. 


As an entrepreneur, artist, writer, director, and producer, Tara co-founded RIVA Studios and Film Launchpad, creating original films and TV series. Before 25, Tara co-built three tech startups, with one exiting successfully, and started a green fund. Alongside her business ventures, she pursues her passion for art and writing, having published three books.  


Tara's journey illustrates the power of combining diverse passions, weaving together business and creativity with unwavering dedication.

Follow her on social media @TaraSibelArt.

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